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About EU Ecolabel



Has your product or service been certified for the EU Ecolabel? We will help you with your communication about this. This page contains the digital toolkit for promoting the label. You will find the following materials here:

  • The EU Ecolabel logo and guidelines
  • Font types and colors
  • Icons
  • Image material for websites
  • Social media post examples
  • Magazine inspiration

Download the toolkit

The promotional material may only be used in accordance with the guidelines of the EU Ecolabel.

You can take full advantage of the recognition factor of the EU Ecolabel by ensuring that the EU Ecolabel logo and your license number are visible on your product or service and on all related promotional material.

Questions are welcome via the contact form. These are sent to the EU Ecolabel team at the Dutch competent body for the label: SMK.

Online communication

The clear digital presence of your EU Ecolabel license can help to raise awareness of your environmental commitment and boost your image. You could, for example, display the logo for the label on your website, publish a page about sustainability, and communicate via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

Tip: tag EU Ecolabel on Facebook or Twitter, so that we can share your post.