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About EU Ecolabel



Certification with the EU Ecolabel involves a cost. The fees are in line with EU Ecolabel fees in other European countries. The minimum and maximum fees can be adjusted according to the price index. Cost increases are expected to remain limited in the coming years due to the growth in the number of EU Ecolabel products in recent years and we expect this trend to continue. Furthermore, limited administration fees are charged for changes in contracts and certificates, which are independent of applications.

The following PDF files provide all information about the EU Ecolabel fees for application costs, annual contributions, and administrative charges:


Reduced rates are in place for SMEs, micro-enterprises, and businesses in developing countries. There is a reduction for businesses registered under EMAS or certified in accordance with ISO 14001.

Fee structure for the EU Ecolabel in the Netherlands (EN)


Dutch fee structure EU Ecolabel