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About EU Ecolabel


Frequently Asked Questions

This page provides an overview of frequently asked questions. If you still have a query after searching through the answers, please get in touch.

EU Ecolabel is the official European eco-label recognized by all countries of the European Union, Norway, Liechtenstein, and Iceland. The label sets sustainability requirements for the entire life cycle of products and services.

You can recognize which products are better for the environment by the logo. This makes it easy for you to make an environmentally conscious choice.

An ecolabel is a voluntary environmental performance certificate that is awarded to products and services. Depending on the product group, these products and services must satisfy specific criteria that reduce the overall environmental impact.
The EU Ecolabel satisfies the definition of the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) for a type 1 environmental label. This means that the EU Ecolabel is voluntary, based on multiple criteria, and that a third, independent party grants approval for the use of the label.

Yes, EU Ecolabel is a reliable label. Products and services with EU Ecolabel have been independently assessed to have reduced environmental impact, from production to use and disposal.

You can view the assessment by Milieu Central in the Keurmerkenwijzer here

No, there is currently no product group for food.

The EU Ecolabel logo guarantees to consumers that the product that he/she is considering has a lower environmental impact than comparable products on the market. By purchasing certified products with the EU Ecolabel certificate, consumers can contribute their bit to the future of the environment. This is because of the strict criteria that products must satisfy before they receive the EU Ecolabel certificate. By purchasing these products, consumers can also encourage other producers and retailers to offer products with EU Ecolabel.

The certification scheme is currently open to all products and services, with the exception of food, drinks, pharmaceutical products, and medical aids. You can view the full list of recognised product groups here.

Thousands of products have already received the EU Ecolabel in a wide range of product groups, including textiles, soap, shampoo, and tourist accommodation. Click here for the figures relating to the number of products that currently are certified for EU Ecolabel.

The products and services with a certificate for the EU Ecolabel can be recognised by the logo on the label.

Many products are available with the EU Ecolabel. These products can be found in shops and on shelves of supermarkets and construction markets, as well as in tourist accommodation and on campsites.

You can view the electronic catalogue here.

No, not necessarily, they may even cost less. In addition, because EU Ecolabel products have reduced environmental impact as well as guaranteed high performance, these products and services have greater added value.

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