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About EU Ecolabel


34% more products and services with EU Ecolabel in the Netherlands

Publication date: 22 March 2022

SMK, the organization that certifies on behalf of EU Ecolabel in the Netherlands, sees a growing interest in the quality label. The number of certified products and services in recent years and that in 2021 has increased significantly (+34%). There is also a growth in the number of EU Ecolabel licensees (+9%).

EU Ecolabel is the official European eco-label for non-food products and services. The quality label makes it easier for consumers to make a more sustainable choice. Only products and services that meet strict environmental and quality requirements can be certified.

Growth of EU Ecolabel

A total of 83.593 products and services have been certified with EU Ecolabel in the European Union. In the Netherlands, SMK has certified 1.673 products and services with the quality label. This is an increase of 34% over the previous year. The number of license holders has also risen to 60 (+9%).

Growing Interest

Interest in certification comes from leading multinational companies as well as medium-sized companies. For years, most applications have come from the detergents and soaps segment (private and professional). Also within Europe, this is the one of the largest EU Ecolabel product groups. Almost all producers of professional cleaning products have at least one product line with EU Ecolabel products. In addition, there are existing license holders who are expanding their product range and having multiple products and services certified.

New product categories have also been added in the past year. The first Dutch EU Ecolabel certificate was issued for furniture.