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About EU Ecolabel


Cleaning services

EU Ecolabel is the independent and official environmental label of the European Union. By displaying the label, a cleaning business can prove that its operations are more sustainable and that it uses more sustainable cleaning products. EU Ecolabel can help cleaning services to stand out and, at the same time, satisfy the increasing market demand for sustainability. In order to obtain certification, a cleaning business must meet mandatory requirements and achieve a minimum number of points by adopting optional measures.

For whom?

Cleaning services that are carried out on a regular basis in commercial, institutional, or other public buildings and private residences are eligible to be considered for EU Ecolabel. This could include office premises and public areas in hospitals. Glass cleaning services are also covered by EU Ecolabel, provided that the services being cleaned can be accessed without the use of specialist equipment.

Not eligible for consideration are, for example, services relating to disinfection and cleaning services and production locations.

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Important sustainability topics

Cleaning services that satisfy the EU Ecolabel criteria take into account a number of important sustainability topics. With this in mind, there are requirements for:

Energy and climate

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions. For example, by:

  • Implementing an environmental management system
  • Using energy-efficient equipment and vehicles

The circular economy

Responsible waste management and reducing the use of raw materials. For example, by:

  • Using microfibre products
  • Use of concentrated, undiluted cleaning agents with dosing agents
  • Managing and separating waste at cleaning locations and in business areas and/or on the business premises of the cleaning business

Environment, health, and social

Minimal impact on the environment, healthier cleaning, and promoting good working conditions. For example, by:

  • Using cleaning agents, cleaning accessories, and consumables supplied to the client with as little impact on the environment and on health as possible
  • Instructing and training

Socially Responsible Purchasing

Organisations that wish to integrate environmental and sustainability aspects into their purchasing processes can use EU Ecolabel-certified products and services in their purchasing. The EU Ecolabel is a way to immediately determine that a product or service satisfies strict sustainability criteria.

  • With the EU Ecolabel, a cleaning business satisfies the national requirements, selection, and awarding criteria forĀ socially responsible purchasing of cleaning.
  • Since the new Procurement Act came into force, labels may set out technical specifications as requirements in the assignment, the tender requirements, or as conditions in a contract for sustainable procurement. Further information can be found on theĀ PIANOo website.

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