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About EU Ecolabel


In and around your home

At home, we can use products that are better for the environment – both inside the home, and outside of it. Those products are available, with the EU Ecolabel. A wide variety of certified products in and around your home is available, including furniture, mattresses, paints, cleaning agents, laundry detergents, tiles, floor coverings, and textiles.

Green home

EU Ecolabel products for in and around the home are available from pharmacies, clothing shops, supermarkets, and construction markets.
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Important benefits

Products for in and around the home that satisfy the EU Ecolabel criteria have environmental benefits:

Lower environmental impact

Limitation of harmful substances.


More efficient use of water, energy and raw materials.

More sustainable

Wood products are guaranteed to come from sustainable forestry.


The products are suitable for recycling.


Reduce waste, contain no microplastics.

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