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About EU Ecolabel


Paints & stains

Planning on painting something? To ensure the best results, you should make sure that the paint or stain that you are looking for is of the highest quality. Paints and stains with the EU Ecolabel are high quality and have a lower environmental impact.

The flower

EU Ecolabel is the official European environmental label for products and services, including paints and stains. When purchasing paints and stains, look for the logo with the flower. The EU Ecolabel logo on the container indicates that the products are produced more sustainably and have been tested for their quality and effectiveness.

Painting, what is the environmental impact?

When it comes to painting, it is the production of paint that has the greatest environmental impact. The production process requires large amounts of fossil fuels and raw materials, such as pigments and binding agents. In addition, paint often contains solvents such as turpentine, alcohol, or toluene. These are all contributing factors to smog. Plus, if people accidentally rinse the paint into the sewer, it will lead to contamination of surface water. Paints do, however, have a positive side – as an example, wood will last longer if it has been painted.

Strict requirements

Certain harmful substances are not permitted in the production of paint. In addition, the use of solvents and certain pigments are also subject to strict limitations.

EU Ecolabel-certified paints and stains satisfy very strict quality standards, including rubbing resistance, coverage, and water resistance.

In the Dutch Milieu Centraal Keurmerkenwijzer, paints and stains with EU Ecolabel score highly in terms of environment and very highly in terms of assessment. 


Choose green, for you and for the environment

Here are four tips from consumer organization Milieu Centraal on ensuring long-term results when painting: 

  1. Look for labels such as the EU Ecolabel, as these indicate better performance and environmental credentials.
  2. Ensure a decent surface and finish, as this will help the paint to adhere and preserve the protective effect for longer. Premature peeling means additional costs, more work, and more environmental impact.
  3. Check whether minor repairs are needed every year – a splash of paint as maintenance will extend the overall service life.
  4. Don’t wash your brushes under the tap and make sure not to pour paint residue down the sink (including water-soluble paint), as this can block the sewers and pollute the surface water.

Paints with the EU Ecolabel can be obtained from many construction markets and online stores. They can be identified by the logo on the packaging, or ask in-store.

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