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About EU Ecolabel


Step-by-step plan for certification

In order to obtain the EU Ecolabel for your products or services, a few steps must be completed. To make it easier, you can follow the step-by-step plan below.


Step 1: Check product group

An application for EU Ecolabel certification is only possible for certain products and services for which criteria have been developed. Start by checking if EU Ecolabel criteria have been developed for your product or service. The criteria for each product group can be found here. Article 1 of each criteria document outlines the products that are and are not included within the group.

Step 2: Submit application file to competent body and ECAT registration

You can register at complete the contact form here) to start the application process.

An application file is required for all applications in order that an assessment can be carried out to determine whether or not the EU Ecolabel requirements are satisfied. In order to compile an application file, you must use the UserManual. This is a detailed guide on the content of a file, with examples and descriptions of all requisite declarations and supporting documentation. A list with the User Manual, specifically for each product group, and requisite declarations, calculation sheets, data sheets, and test reports can be found on the tabs in the list of product groups.

The application file should be submitted digitally to SMK. SMK will check that all submitted information is correct and properly supported and will carry out further assessments, if necessary.

In addition to submitting the application file, you must also register in the online EU Ecolabel catalogue (ECAT). This is a database of all certified products and services by certificate holders. The ECAT is publicly accessible, allows users to find certified products and services, and is the reference point for verifying the validity of certificates.

Follow the instructions in the ECAT User Manual to register products and services. In the event of problems with the system, you can contact the EU Ecolabel Helpdesk.

Step 3: Assessment and awarding

After receiving your application, SMK will review your file and provide initial feedback within two months. At this point, you may be asked to provide additional documentation*.

After full approval, the EU Ecolabel certificate will be awarded, the certificate handed over, and a contract created between SMK and the applicant. You will also receive a specific license number.

An EU Ecolabel license is valid for as long as the criteria apply and the product or service satisfies them.

*SMK may reject an application if additional documentation is not received within six months of a request to provide additional information.

Step 4: Communicate about your products and services with the EU Ecolabel

With EU Ecolabel, you can demonstrate that a product or service satisfies strict environmental criteria. Having the EU Ecolabel is a considerable achievement: only 10 to 20 percent of products and services satisfy the criteria.

You can take full advantage of the recognition factor of the EU Ecolabel by ensuring that the EU Ecolabel logo and your license number are clearly visible on your product or service and promotional material. You should also communicate your environmental performance on your website and in your social media channels.

This page provides tips on communicating about the label. You can also download the logo, the logo guideline, and the digital toolkit with promotional material, color codes, and more.

Step 5: Stay alert

As a certificate holder, it is your responsibility to ensure that you continue to satisfy the criteria throughout the validity of your certificate.
In the event of a change to a product that could mean a change to the product’s compliance with the criteria, it is mandatory for the licence holder to inform the competent body before the change is implemented. The competent body will then check whether or not the product continues to satisfy the respective criteria after the change.

Periodic tests and monitoring reports may also be a requirement to demonstrate that the criteria are satisfied – the competent body will inform you accordingly.

In the event that SMK receives evidence during the validity period that your product or service no longer satisfies the criteria, the body will immediately request a plan of corrective actions or prohibit the use of the EU Ecolabel on that product.