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SMK indexes EU Ecolabel rates from 2022 onwards

Gepubliceerd op: 17 december 2021

The EU Ecolabel rates for the minimum and maximum contribution will be adjusted, in accordance with the price index. This adjustment is in line with the rates for EU Ecolabel in other European countries. There has been no change in the rates since 2014. This is possible thanks to the growth in the number of EU Ecolabel products in recent years. As this trend is expected to continue, the regular rates will remain unchanged in 2022.


In concrete terms this means:

  • the regular rates for annual payments are unchanged; 
  • the application fees are unchanged; 
  • the minimum contribution for the annual fee is increased for all categories of companies (large/SME/micro); 
  • the maximum contribution for the annual contribution for the category of large companies will be increased; 
  • minor administration costs will be charged for changes to contracts and certificates, which are separate from applications. 

Clarification of fee structure

The fee structure sheet clarifies what is meant by turnover and how it is collected for the annual fee. There is also a more detailed explanation of when application fees are charged.

The adjusted rates for the annual contribution apply for the first time to the turnover from EU Ecolabel-certified products and services in 2022. They will be invoiced in 2023, after receiving the turnover data (by June 2023 latest). The invoicing for the contributions on the EU Ecolabel turnover for this year is based on the current fee structure and will take place in 2022 based on the provided turnover data.

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